Dedicated Professionals

We provide our services in all sectors of the construction industry by managing each project by a team of dedicated and professional staff.

Experience & Quality

All construction projects are developed and realized with a deep vision and professionalism every step of the way.

Global Recognition

Across the country and abroad ,we are breaking ground on new structures ,expanding and improving all kinds of infrastructures..

Modernistic Approach

We design all our buildings with a modern and contemporary approach that are second to none in the construction industry.

Forward Thinking We are always thinking ahead, we believe in setting trends and new trends is what we are all about. Building takes a lot of planning and thought, we at SVH take the time to get every minor detail right and to ensure that the end result is achieved to the highest standard and expectations.

5 Star Service, Sami Helou has become well known as one of the most reputable real estate developers in Lebanon. We offer 5 star service and we never work below these standards.

Safe Work Conditions: We are dedicated to providing safe work environments for our men and women while providing peace of mind for our clients , partners and subcontractors. We have been recognized as a safety leader in our industry ..

Commercial Real Estate Developer: is a leading property and investment group in Lebanon with proven expertise in development, construction, land subdivision, property investment and asset management.

 Residential Development, Managing a residential property is a truly specialized field.That’s why astute investors, rather than taking on the wide-ranging complexities of legal requirements & the ongoing management challenges themselves, rely on our skills, service & advice. We deliver all the benefits without any of the frustrations.

 Private Residence: Over time we have developed the complete spectrum of capabilities & resources to provide the best possible service & advice in every aspect of the residential property marketplace. Our service expertise spans everything from concept to completion but it doesn’t stop there.

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